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​Health is balance

Balancing is difficult.

We can help you.

Out of over 9,700 participants, about 8,000 (roughly 85%) inaccurately assessed their diet quality. Of those, almost all (99%) overrated the healthfulness of their diet.

Thomson, J. L., Landry, A. S., & Walls, T. I. (2023). Can United States Adults Accurately Assess Their Diet Quality?. American Journal of Health Promotion, 37(4), 499-506.

Unbalanced Lifestyle
is the Root of All Chronic Diseases.

Poor diets were responsible for 10.9m deaths, or 22% of all deaths among adults in 2017. Tobacco was associated with 8m deaths, and high blood pressure was linked to 10.4m deaths.



1990-2017 Global Deaths

Murray, C. J. (2019). Health effects of dietary risks in 195 countries, 1990–2017: a systematic analysis forthe Global Burden of Disease Study. Lancet, 393(10184), 1958-1972.

Unbalanced Diet




Korean Medicine is the Balance of Eum and Yang.

When you think of Korean medicine, the first thing that comes to mind is eum and yang. Indeed Korean medicine aims to achieve balance and has been doing it for thousands of years. So how does Korean medicine achieve balance?


Herbal Medicine

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Energy is not stagnant and flows through our body. It is when this flow is blocked and stagnant energy builds up to form toxins. Acupuncture releases these energy blocks by stimulating the skin and jump starts the connective tissue to start breathing again and allow the energy to start flowing again.

Depending on your diet and lifestyle, you create holes in different areas of the nutrition spectrum. So we just need to find and fill these holes right? Well, it’s not that simple. Filling these holes often requires eating foods that we do not like or foods you have never even heard of! With the help of a professional you can not only find what you are deficient in without trial and error, Dr. Hong can even make the process more enjoyable and enlightening.


Personal Mobile Coaching with Dr. Hong

You have to learn how to balance. It is like taking baby steps. Noone gets up on their first try. That is why health coaching is absolutely essential and Dr. Hong will be there to give professional feedback, answer questions and give you all the support you need 24/7. Once you enroll in any of our programs, you can use our mobile coaching service and get real-time coaching to help you balance your lifestyle.

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I design healthy lifestyles for patient seeking change

Dr. Michael S. Hong, KMD

Dr. Hong is the embodiment of balancing two forces. He was born in the US but lived in Seoul, Korea during his early years before moving back to the US to attend Phillips Academy Andover. He had diverse interests in art and design but eventually he went on to pursue his love of science and engineering and graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Biochemical Engineering. Then he changed full gear and came back to Korea to fulfill his family legacy and become a Traditional Korean Medical Doctor. Most people thought this was a drastic change between polar opposites but to him it felt like destiny. What motivated his decision was an insight he had when he discovered that there is indeed a common denominator between the two seemingly opposite worlds of modern western science and technology and traditional Korean medicine and eastern psychology. What Dr. Hong realized is that what cannot be mixed can only coexist through balance. Since then Dr. Hong has focused on developing his Life Detox Program to help thousands of patients rebalance their lifestyle.

1997 Graduated from Phillips Academy Andover

2001 Cornell University School of Biochemical Engineering, Bachelor of Science

2009 Graduated from the College of Korean Medicine, Daejeon University

2021 Korean Society of Integrative Oncology Accredited Specialist

75 years of Traditional Korean Medicine

Gangwon Clinic was founded by Dr. Soon Heung Hong in 1949 and has provided traditional medical care to generations of families seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. Combining modern medical technology and data analysis, we have succeeded the traditional form into integrative medicine and holistic treatments that unify the mind, body and lifestyle into one fluid ecosystem. 

Modern Contemporary
Keeping with Tradition

Coming from a family of Traditional Korean Doctors and being educated in the United States, Dr. Hong strives to perfectly balances traditional medicine and philosophy with modern science and technology into his practice. His dedication to this philosophy of balance is manifested in the modern contemporary design of the clinic's interior space mixed in with heirlooms, artifacts and heritage pass down for generations.