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What You Can Learn from a Pulse Reading

Am I ill?

All diseases sprout from imbalances in our systems but they don’t always manifest as symptoms especially in the early stages. So people often live their lives not knowing there is a growing imbalance in our body that will eventually cause problems in the near future. Pulse reading is a simple, non-invasive examination that takes a minute to answer all these questions.

Do I need help?

Sometimes you don’t need to do anything and the symptoms just get better. MRI, X-rays, blood tests cannot tell you this information. Pulse reading is the only way to find out whether your conditions will get better without treatment.

Which of my symptoms are problematic?

Not all symptoms are pathological. Some are just your body’s natural reactions to disease. One example is a fever.  When  a cold is caused by prolonged exposure to cold weather, then a fever is not pathological symptom that needs to be treated. Through a pulse reading, I can distinguish which symptoms need to be treated.

What is the root cause of illness?

The most important fact that a doctor must tell you is the specific reason that caused your illness. Not knowing the root cause of your condition will lead to choosing the wrong treatment plan. Let me give you a simple example. You are allergic to bananas but you do not know this and have been eating bananas everyday for a month causing stomach discomfort and diarrhea. Diarrhea medicine might help but chances are you will develop these symptoms again if you don’t know the root cause of your symptoms. Pulse reading can help pinpoint the root cause. By knowing that eating bananas is the root cause, you can find the herb that reverses the effects of eating bananas, “the anti-banana,” and prevent any further incidences in the future.

How can I treat my illness?

Your pulse will dictate which acupuncture points and herbs to use and what lifestyle changes are needed for your treatment. It is the most important diagnosis to begin your journey to a better healthy lifestyle.

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Dr. Michael S. Hong, KMD

I design healthy lifestyles for patients looking for change. 

Dr. Michael S. Hong is an English-speaking doctor with 15 years of experience in acupuncture and lifestyle medicine. Keeping with the tradition and philosophy of his late grandfather, he has focused on helping patients rediscover vitality and joy in living healthy lifestyles through all-natural minimally invasive treatments and engaging consultation sessions. 

1997 Graduated from Phillips Academy Andover

2001 Cornell University School of Biochemical Engineering, Bachelor of Science

2009 Graduated from the Daejeon University College of Korean Medicine

2021 Korean Society of Integrative Oncology Accredited Specialist

Our Treatment Ecosystem

We focus on revitalizing patients' lives and helping them rediscover the joy of living a healthy life. You can receive any of the treatments a la carte or as part of our integrative medicine programs where we use acupuncture, herbal medicine and lifestyle treatments to help you find the healthiest lifestyle you would like to lead. 

Hannam-dong Oriental Medicine Clinic Gangwon Oriental Medicine Clinic Acupuncture Chuna Physical Therapy Herbal Acupuncture Pain


A combination of acupuncture, massage, herbal acupuncture, cupping, and physical therapies are used to provide pain relief, functional rehabilitation and mental stress relief and relaxation. 



Our famous detoxification programs are designed to help you systematically cleanse your mind and body from your lifestyle addictions and help you ease into a new healthy lifestyle that you can proudly maintain. 



Our prescription passed down for 75 years is a herbal tonic enjoyed by 4 generations of Koreans who seek relief from stress and fatigue.



We help couples struggling with pregnancy through lifestyle coaching and a herbal medicineprescription handed down for 3 generations.

75 years of Traditional Korean Medicine

Gangwon Clinic was founded by Dr. Soon Heung Hong in 1949 and has provided traditional medical care to generations of families seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. Combining modern medical technology and data analysis, we have succeeded the traditional form into integrative medicine and holistic treatments that unify the mind, body and lifestyle into one fluid ecosystem. 

Modern Contemporary
Keeping with Tradition

Coming from a family of Traditional Korean Doctors and being educated in the United States, Dr. Hong strives to perfectly balances traditional medicine and philosophy with modern science and technology into his practice. His dedication to this philosophy of balance is manifested in the modern contemporary design of the clinic's interior space mixed in with heirlooms, artifacts and heritage pass down for generations.

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